Monday, June 14, 2010

nice dream.

They want to escape, I know, I know.

I can feel the ache in my bones and the voices in my mind and the words in my throat.

I can feel every scrap of me, pulling itself out from the roots.

Deconstructed, as a sentence.

I want to be picked apart and analysed until everything can be ordered and labelled and filed away in separate, clean brown boxes.

I want everything that I’ve ever done to be dissected and separated until my past is nothing

but a few shreds of words; possibly spoken – but impossibly ambiguous.

Words which scream will never leave you.

I want to fall between the cracks in the words, perpetually imbedded in the spoken sentences. And I will be made of words, nothing more and nothing less.

Everything that I’ve ever wanted to be.

Gripping those messy words,

as tightly as you are now, will tear your palms open. Everything will get louder and softer at the same time.

The world pauses, a repetitive asphyxiatingly muted track. The words scream against each other, so now you’re stuck between them as I am.

They create an ocean so blue, I want to sink to the bottom and never look up.


now, would be a good time to

wake up.


Kay said...

oh, you're fun! i like you! :)

Ally said...

thankyou, that's sweet. :)

Rajat said...

"Words which scream will never leave you" I scream louder than them and ask them to leave me alone.. in my adobe.. in my world.. where words are mine and they are beautful.

I simply love whatever you write.. your words sometimes add an extra beat to my heart..

Harshad mehta said...

"I want everything that I’ve ever done to be dissected and separated until my past is nothing"

Expressing in any form of art does lighten the load.

Thanks for sharing.

Cynthia said...

hi Ally.
a brave poem, calling for the
deconstruction of oneself - I have
been feeling this way lately and
you've articulated my thoughts -
scary perceptive poem.
"I will be made of words, nothing
more, nothing less" stunning

Ally, when you have some time,
please visit poemflesh2.blogspot
and participate in the EatLovePray
project, Thank you.

Ally said...

Wow, thankyou Cynthia.

ck said...

I love everything you write, so much.

Ophelia said...

amazing prose.