Saturday, April 10, 2010


the words which are stuck
twisted together around torn minutes of
apathy and fear -
they eat away
at my bones.
fighting each other,
only to be spoken;
to be heard.
i am left with the edges of a story.
edges that are torn.
the rest of the words are stuck
at the back of your throat.
i thought i felt a hint of them,
but if they aren't pressed and rolled together
into words,
how do i know that the thoughts are real?
instead they never happened,
my fingers are still cold,
and i turn again,
head in palm,
looking into a blur of time.
i am a half.
but between the thoughts;
between the lines
which are blue eyes,
i was something else entirely.
i went back for them -
the words from the page i couldn't finish reading.
Tell me if i can find them.
Tell me if they are there at all.
i don't know if i like this.
sorry if it's really bad, i'm still spending all my time
writing the script for my short film.


Maha said...

that was very powerful. I loved the many images you gave to words and how a general atmosphere of melancholy clouded over your poem

Rajat said...

It is an amazing piece of writing.

Pie said...

This is quite excellent. I love how you put it into words yourself. Wonderful.

Maha said...

I gave you an award, come and check it out!

Abaddon said...

The thoughts are real I just cant find the words. But you can find them because you see beyond the words. Please find them... please find me.

les jeune fille à les oiseaux said...

well, I certainly liked it! :) it was so interesting. I love that your thoughts had blue eyes and I love that they were leaving torn pages.

JenniAsh said...

Thank you for your kind comment. :)
I have just read through your blog and I think it is wonderful.
I am definately following you.

Aella said...

thanks guys. :) x

Cynthia said...

ally, you take hold of a feeling
that is a shadow of many complex
thoughts and begin to give birth
in the form of a poem.
quite amazing!